Personal statement

Hi, I am Eugène from Belgium. Professional, graduate with a Master Degree of engineering physics with years of relevant work experience in the technical field at multinational companies (Google, International SOS, Caterpillar), I have been holding positions with various level of responsibilities while dealing with cross-functional teams. Skilled in the industry sector providing my services for manufacturers, consulting and IT companies, some of which from the Fortune 500, in the following areas: design, development and delivery of training programs, and project management.

I am a continuous learner who embraces international opportunities (as recently in the USA, Portugal, Canada, Belgium).

Currently I am diving into Web development, Data analytics and the Startups ecosystem.

Self-starter, quick learner with very little need for guidance. Goals oriented and thriving for excellence. Main competencies are in Data analysis | Training ǀ Machine Learning | Web development ǀ Project and Quality Management (ISO:9001, Continuous Improvement, Lean & Six-Sigma) ǀ Business Intelligence ǀ R&D.

Eugène Désiré Nzengou

Education & Certification

Master Degree in Industrial Sciences & Engineering Physics

Industrial Engineer Institute of Brussels - ISIB

Studying all aspect of Engineering Physics and Nuclear, including Nuclear energy, nuclear safety and radiation protection, Applications of radiation, medical Physics, Materials Physics
along with courses that deal with the optimization of complex processes or systems.
More details (fr) here.


Bachelor Degree in Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineer Institute of Brussels - ISIB

Receiving a cross-training over common general engineering courses such as mathematics , physics and chemistry , mechanics, graphic techniques, IT - C++, Java, SQL programming, electrical, fluid mechanics , thermodynamics, an introduction to project management, etc. on top of specific nuclear and physics topics.
More details (fr) here.


The Datascientist's Toolbox Certification

Bloomberg School of Public Health, John Hopkins University -

Introduction to two main components: the ideas behind turning data into actionable knowledge, and a practical approach to the tools commonly met such as version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio.


Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification

Mouvement Québecois de la Qualité - MQQ

Training for professionals to be well versed in the Lean Six Sigma Methodology who both leads or supports improvement projects. Provides a thorough understanding of all aspects within the phases of D-M-A-I-C.


Additional classes. For more details, see here

Essentiels of Systems and Networks - L'Essentiel des Systèmes et Réseaux


Complementary Degree in Management (ongoing)

ICHEC Brussels Management School

Job Experiences

​Web & Business Development for bootstrapping early-stage startups


  • Areas covered: Web and mobile application platform; Business plans; Team management, UX/UI Design; web and mobile apps prototyping.
  • Skills developed and technology applied: web & mobile development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS/SASS, Ionic framework, Angular JS); Data analysis & Machine Learning (R, Matlab / octave); Programming (Java, node.js, SQL); Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

03.2016 -

Program Manager - EMEA | Training Material Specialist

Google (by Unique interim)

    Leading the development and deployment of a ‘world­class’ training program on Operational Qualification Standards (OQS) for the Data Center Operations teams in the EMEA region.
  • Areas covered: Web and mobile application platform; Business plans; Team management, UX/UI Design; web and mobile apps prototyping
  • Skills developed and technology applied: web & mobile development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS/SASS, Ionic framework, Angular JS); Data analysis & Machine Learning (R, Matlab / octave); Programming (Java, node.js, SQL); Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

02.2014 - 11.2015

Data Analyst / Project Management support

International SOS - ISOS.

Performing data analysis on company's clients reports for storytelling and trends drawing. Continuously improve the standardization processes involved in building, maintaining and presenting reports. Autonomous and comprehensive Project management support. In particularl in the data migration from Medical Consulting division's shared drives to MS SharePoint, ISOS Medical Sites Utilization analysis, Pandemic plan delivery process and reporting (for Ebola, Influenza, Measles), client's Global Account Plan (GAP) from reporting


Research Engineer trainee

Laboratório Regional de Engenharia Civil - LREC

Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) technique in civil engineering to analyze the impact of humidity and termites on Sao Miguel (Azores) edifices integrity. Use of FLIR E40bx Camera and Imaging System - Infrared radiation (IR) thermography for that purpose


Additional experiences. More details, see here

Business and Technical development (volunteering)


Business and financial planning. Design of a website (beta) and prototyping. Web and mobile application development undergoing.

Laboratory Technician - Water Quality


Implement on food and water samples analytical methods (Extraction Liquid - Liquid & Gravimetry) for quality control based on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 1664. Assist in internal quality audits. Implement the Quality Management System ISO/IEC 17025.

Senior Learning Consultant / EMEA CPS Master Trainer


Work on the deployment of CPS Technical training programs (for assembler, machine-operator, welder) in EAME machining training, standardization of processes, aim being to avoid rework and redundant quality checks by improving the Quality of products and Safety of employees.

Money transfert Expert

The Bank of New York Mellon - BNYM

Back office operations via SWIFT for our clients (subsidiairies and partner banks). Handling liquidity books. Reconciliation of forecasts on cash and flow trades. Liaise with traders with speedy calculated figures for markets trades.

VP Exchange - ICX & OGX (volunteering)


managing the overall selection process of trainees (Incoming and Outgoing Exchange) in collaboration with my team (+- 10 people). Building partnerships partners (companies, NGOs, other committees). Work in partnership with local committee departments (Project, External (Corporate) Relation and Finance).

Technical skills


75% Complete

Angular JS

30% Complete

Node JS

55% Complete

Adobe Illustrator

80% Complete

Articulate Storyline 2

80% Complete


70% Complete


40% Complete


85% Complete

Microsft Azure

70% Complete

Amazon Web Service

50% Complete

Language skills


85% Complete (success)


100% Complete (success)


55% Complete (success)


70% Complete


Euroweek Conference Business & Environment certificate


Natural radioactivity due to radon in Belgium and Finland.

Start-up project Award of Collaborative Economy

Molengeek co-working

Business model canvas designed around the collaborative economy.

Most Tech Award

Microsoft Innovation Center

Melvin the Emergency Bot.


I worked very closely with Eugène. He was an incredible resource for my team at Google and I truly believe he would be a significant asset to any organization.

Shmuel Daffner


Eugene is energetic, driven, and wants to accomplish as much as possible each day. He is friendly, engaging, cooperative, and congenial.

Tanya Fischer

International SOS

Désiré is always looking for excellence and is constatly trying to acquire new knowledge in all possible business field. He is Rigourous, flexible, cheerful and hard working. It'd be a pleasure to work with him again.

Rossella Nocera

Intys Consulting

Désiré is committed and dedicated to the organization he's part of. He brings lots of motivation and energy to his team member. Great Leader !

Déniz Mertol

ID Cuisine

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